A20 Plus

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The flagship Freem motorsports suit with still the best breathability and comfort, but now FIA 2018 certified.
The Freem® A20 is our flagship, fireproof motorsports suit that's been designed to meet FIA 8856-2018 standards. The A20 still maintains the key features of the previous TA-111 suit, like being lightweight & breathable. New for the A20 is the ICE-KEY integration (In Case of Emergency Key) which allows the driver to store their medical information in the suit itself. If needed, the suit can be scanned with an NFC device by medical personnel to reveal the driver's information.   As always, you can customize your A20 suit to match your livery and choose from more than 300 available layouts and 20 available colours. Your A20 suit can be manufactured both in standard size or tailormade. Our suits are 100% made in Italy.

Endless Possibilities

There are over 100 different templates to choose from, with 19 different coloured fabrics. There is a style and colour combination to compliment every personality, style and concept.

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Freem is the first manufacturer to integrate NFC wireless technology to improve driver safety. Vital information such as emergency contacts, insurance, allergies, medications and more can now be stored directly on the suit for access by emergency first responders.

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Actually Made in Italy

All of our suits are produced from start to finish in our facility in Treviso, Italy from the highest quality European sourced materials. We can't speak for our competitors, however we don't believe in sweatshops, or saving money by taking chances on potentially substandard materials from far off vendors. We believe in long standing relationships with local suppliers. We use the same small and experienced team to deliver unrivaled quality and attention to detail on every item that leaves our factory.


Our motorsport and karting suits meet and exceed the requirements for FIA homologation. The A20 and A20 Plus are FIA 8856-2018 Approved. While the K19 is Homologated CIK Level 2 for use in national & international competition.

Comfort, Flexibility & Ventilation

When designing the new A20 & K19 suits, every aspect was considered. The new positioning and size of the stretch panels allow for fluid movement and don't restrict the wearer when bending or turning. Panels are located on both shoulders extending to the under arm, lower back and groin.

The positioning of the stratch panels allows air to flow to the parts you need it most. Coupled with our technical undergarments, your body heat is well regulated allowing you to concentrate on whats important.