What makes Freem Racing products better than the rest

Did you know there are different grades of Nomex? Or that Freem is one of the few that uses only the the highest grade available? It's details like these that set Freem apart from other brands.
Freem is a relatively new name for most US consumers, so it's important to make the differences between Freem and other motorsport gear manufacturers (Alpine Stars, OMP, etc.) is known up front:
  • 100% sourced and made in Italy (like Ferrari, Italian pride is abound here)
  • 100% quality guarantee (if there's any issue with your gear it'll get addressed)
  • Built by a company with very passionate and focused leaders

On top of that, what you get with Freem US specifically:

  • US-based customer service
  • Access to Freem's high-end customized product lines and expert design services

No other racing equipment manufacturers match Freem's combination of best-in-class safety, customization, and quality. Freem US is the official distributor for these Italian-sourced and designed products. Freem is already a well established brand in competitive motorsports and karting, but never with an official US storefront that caters to budding enthusiasts and veteran racers alike.

There are other choices when you're shopping for gear, but we all know that a good suit is ultimately an investment in your safety and your driving experience. Why would you settle for some cut-rate suit, or gloves, or boots when you wouldn't settle on cut-rate parts on your vehicle?

Check out our Instagram or visit us in-person in Southern California if you're not convinced that Italian-made, professional grade safety gear is more suitable for you than what you have today. Freem's growing presence in the US market is not because it's a new enterprise, but rather because it's been so successful in that a stronger presence here is now warranted to support of our existing and new customers. 

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