Youth Rhino Chest Protector

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The special layering and structure of the Rhino and Brave's composites make it extremely flexible and dynamic, while the particular weave of the inner pad is shock-absorber.
The Brave is the most technologically advanced rib protector on the market; a special layering of composite materials provides dynamic shock absorbtion for your torso. The outer layers of aluminized fiber composite or carbon fiber (adults only) provide the rigid exoskeleton while the inner weave acts as shock-absorbing pad against your body. The Rhino is a central chest protector that compliments the Brave rib protector to provide additional coverage. Both the Brave and Rhino are available in two versions: aluminized glass fiber, or carbon fiber (adult sizes only). Brave and Rhino protectors are 100% made in Italy.  In case of impact remove all the stiff closure parts from the protector for driver safety. The Rhino central chest protector is only compatible with the Freem® Brave.